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This is the Feedback page of the Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization; here, you can really let out your grips, complaints, personal information or tips, etc. Make a statement today! Give us your input.

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Feedback Submitted 8/11...

My daughter is in constant pain – all they want to do is give her another pill and do another test. This has been going on for years. She is in the hospital right now.
She is very depressed and in constant pain – how do you get the dr's to listen? NO more pain pills just to cover up – help her. This has been going on for years. She has had 3 back surgeries and has 2 rods, 5 screws (1 bent) and a cage. She has had 12 surgeries including 3 knee surgeries and bones taken out of her foot. She cannot sleep – she is in pain ALL the time. Please HELP!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Thanks for your feedback, Rhonda. Though probably in many different ways, we have all faced the frustration you are going through. It must be especially hard to see your own child go through such an ordeal. There are many pieces of this puzzle missing. For example, the length of time she has been experiencing this trauma, any progress made, and a prognosis. As far as getting the doctors' attention (getting them to listen), throw your body in front of their path of escape. Get answers! But, make sure you are prepared with intelligent and relevant questions; write them down before you speak with the doctors, and hold on to their sleeve until you're finished asking them! Continue this at the forum where you can give us more information and get others to participate. Good luck, God bless you.–The CCPC Organization Team


Feedback Previously Submitted...

Help Needed!

I had csf surgery and when they went to put in the drain in my back to relieve the pressure they hit a nerve and he didn't try it once but two or three times the reason I know this is because my wife was in the room they finally sent me to radiology to put in the drain but when I woke up from surgery my leg and foot hurt so bad and ever since the surgery I've had chronic pain in my foot and it's not seeming to go away and now all the doctors are taking me off anything that seemed to work the pain specialist are not getting back to me after 2 months of trying and this is with a referral. its been 4 months since the surgery I have 2 6 months old babies and another on the way and I can't even work or take care of them the way I want to. Any suggestion? This is killing me. I just want some relief for a little while so maybe I can feel normal.

We sent you a personal email. Please go to the forum so any other members that might have had a similar experience can also get involved.
–The CCPC Organization Team


Feedback Previously Submitted...

I need someone to contact about cronic pain and depression. I am on so many narcotics--it's ruining my life and my relationships with everyone I love--I have fibromyalgia and my sympathetic nervous system has taken over ----please help - i need someone to talk to or a pain support group to contact in the Arvada, CO area--supberb of Denver-----please help--please please please!!!!!!!!!

I think, in a way, you answered your own question: you should get involved with us for moral support and online group interaction, but you should look for assistance in your area to get immediate help for the depression and pain medication management. Please interact with us on the forum.
– The CCPC Organization Team


Feedback Previously Submitted...

The DEA's War on Pain Doctors, Source: The Village Voice


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