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This is the War Stories page of the Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization. It is a place where pain sufferers can contribute short articles, or even just blurgs about personal stories, tragedies, triumphs, or commendations for the accomplishments of yourself or loved ones.

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War Story Submitted 8/11...

Since 1988 I have suffered with chronic pain from an injury on my job to my shoulder. There have been 4 surgeries in the early 90's. Still pain!!!

To make this short... I have seen over 30 diffident "doctors", pain clinics, sports clinics, yes and even chiropractors, deep massage therapy, acupuncture, and whatever areas I cannot remember in the last 23 years.

After all the years the pain meds became a problem an I entered what I thought was a pain clinic. That's what they said! It was an AA program and after 3 seizures and almost dying at the hospital where they took me. It was not for a person taking prescription meds as the doctors directed -- actually taking less! Went in weighing 199lbs. Came out at 164lbs. -- not a good way to lose that much weight. I had bitten my tongue in half during one of the seizures and could not eat.
One good thing did happen in spite of this treatment facility -- I cut my med by about 70%!!! They were adamant I attend AA after leaving. I did not!!!!

Recently my last doctor question why my clavicle & a/c joint had been removed turning previous surgeries. I had no answer.

It has been a very de stressing process. I had a very successful career with a global firm, extremely active in our community, and could play any sport that use a ball of some sort. When the injury occurred I was playing National Softball.

With this pain I continued to work for 10 years which finally lead to a mental, emotional, physical breakdown.

Now sitting here @ 67 I am still in major pain and my 46 year marriage is in trouble, very limited in all the activities I enjoyed for so long. Family, grandchildren, softball, other sports, sad very sad for me.

The pain is located in my right shoulder and I can point directly to where it is most sever. No, it is not a rotater cuff... After all my sports the doctors could not believe how good it was. They have considered a shoulder replacement but really do not know if that would solve problem. I am so tired of be "played" by the medical community at this point I have resigned to the fact that I will go to my maker with this.

I don't look for any answers from you but just saw chronic pain (CCPC) and thought I would share a part of this 23 year process.

Thank you for listening -- I hope.....Darrell

Thanks for your input, Darrell. Stay with us, go to the forum; we're with you as are our prayers. –The CCPC Organization Team





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