Rules and Regulations

CCPC Organization is authorized to maintain close monitorship of this website to insure the integrity for which it is intended.

We want to provide an open, easily accessible and honest online community for sufferers of Chronic Pain Condition. All of our members are encouraged to openly and respectfully communicate on this site. We encourage the use of good manners and friendliness and believe that all human life is entitled to such.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

Every member has the right to contribute to this community no matter what their level of education or mental aptitude or communicative skills. Any criticism of comments deemed necessary must be done in a friendly and courteous manner.

We perform censorship of contributed material and sometimes it may be necessary to disable certain contributions that we deem unsuitable. This is especially true if the material includes or refers to improper use of language, violence, is of a pornographic nature or if it directly bashes other community members. Please refrain from contributing material which does not intend respect for dignity of the human being. No solicitation of prescription medications is allowed without the consent of the CCPC Organization.

We do not allow solicitation of any type on the website without the permission of the CCPC Organization. Products that the CCPC Organization has tried and evaluated might be mentioned on occasion for the sole purpose of benefitting members.

Many issues of political, sexual or religious nature cannot be avoided on this website as they are factors at the very core of human suffering. However, these subjects will be closely monitored and any message that is considered solely to incite a debate on such subjects will be considered off-topic and deleted at the sole discretion of moderators and/or administrators.
We do not allow the deliberate bashing of any religion and ask that discussion of religion is limited to meaningful purpose. Atheism it is not considered a religion on this website. No inappropriate comments about God will be tolerated here. All recognized religions and faiths are welcome.

All sufferers regardless of their personal lifestyles are welcome at the CCPC Organization website as long as they abide by our policies. This website is not a forum for the discussion, promotion, or circulation of any type of immoral or perverse behavior deemed to be so by the administrators.

We do not allow any comments or information or links to information that violate U.S. law, or moral ethics.We do not allow the engagement in any form of solicitation of any illegal act.
We do not allow any violations of any applicable local, state, national or international law, including any regulations having the force of law.
We encourage good discussions and interesting contributions, but reserve the right to disable any contributed material in our sole discretion and without prior notice.