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You can get help from the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your chronic pain and suffering by participating in these three very important areas of our site. They're meant to help, so, get involved!
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chronic pain organization – get involvedThis page is devoted to those who have urgent needs for help with their chronic pain. Please email us if you have any information, or experiences that might help.

Remember that It's normal to want a cure for chronic pain, but in many cases relief is a more realistic goal – at least to start with. Also, we are not suggesting an elimination of doctors or other medical practitioners, just knowledge with how to interact with them so that the patient can harvest as much improvement as realistically possible.

A lot more goes on out there in the chronic pain world than one might think. And there are many hungry predators waiting to direct you to roads that lead nowhere.

Your help is appreciated!

The CCPC Organization supplies valuable assistance for those suffering from the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of chronic pain and suffering, but you have to take the first step. If a loved one, friend, or someone your are sharing a special relationship with is incapacitated or emotionally incapable of taking the first step, then, do it for him/her; it can strengthen that relationship through a mutual goal. This type of participation is invaluable for helping the condition of chronic pain because, among other things, it offers the sufferer a purpose, and allows him/her to vent the frustration that is a leading effect of the chronic pain condition.

Don't forget our chronic pain online support forum, chronic pain information links, and referred literature about pain and suffering, our videos (coming soon) about chronic pain and suffering, and our blog, etc. The CCPC Organization is a free service to assist those suffering from complete chronic pain conditions caused by the persistant trauma of physical, mental or emotional disorders.

The CCPC Organiation will continue to make additions to the material provided here. Please come back on a regular basis to view these areas of our site that can provide help for your chronic pain. We ask only that you participate in the services of this site that we have provided for you. If you have questions we can be contacted here.