We estimate that in the United States alone close to half of the population are suffering from some kind of continual or chronic pain. Less severe episodes that go untreated, or unrecognized, are likely to develop into more severe cases. Chronic pain is a leading money making entity in the US, and yet the numbers of sufferers are increasing. It seems that the main benefactors of this infirmity want to continue treating it rather than find a permanent solution. This affliction is not only causing havoc to the individual sufferer, but to his/her family and loved ones as well–it is becoming a social epidemic!


From reading the content on this website you can easily determine that we are not affiliated with any outside corporations that prosper from your pain. You see, that is a large part of the existing problem: those corporate pharmaceutical companies, etc. want to continue to treat your pain–that's how they make their billions of dollars a year. Any possible solution to your pain would end that.

We don't charge membership fees for participation in our online club, and are a non-funded organization relying solely on donations and proceeds made from sales on this site. Our main objective is to help you overcome your chronic pain in the best possible way suited to your specific individual condition. We want to make a better, stronger club for YOU!

It takes money to run an organization and a web site. If you are able and would like to contribute you can do so here. Just press the Donate button below and fill in the amount you would like to donate to our organization. It is 100% secure and you can make your donation online by credit card or PayPal. You can also make a donation by mail. Just make your check, bank money order, or postal money order payable to CCPC Organization, and mail it to: CCPC Organization, PO Box 10-246, Staten Island, New York 10301.

100% of your donation goes to the operational costs of maintaining the CCPC Organization. The aim of the CCPC Organization is probably the most realistic method that can be implemented to make a change in the world of chronic pain condition. Donations to the CCPC Organization (Complete Chronic pain Condition Organization) maintains the life within it.

Ours is an organization of people having rights to express their opinions about all factors that affect chronic pain sufferers. This type of practice not only promotes mutual interaction while providing a healthy outlet for the sufferer, but in addition, significant plans can be derived to establish direction for change. Active participants ARE the CCPC Organization. They can communicate their experiences by participating in our Forum, War Stories page, or by providing short excerpts or perhaps even an article about their personal stories to our Help page. By doing so they are letting others learn from what they have endured. That alone is a contribution beyond most imaginative expectations, and it is an act of love.

Participants can give their opinions about what is needed to make a change in the world of chronic pain while benefiting from camaraderie that provides a comfort through moral support. Active participation in the CCPC Organization is an opportunity to put whatever span of allocated time a person has to good use. If active participants can help others while helping themselves, then the horrible condition that they or someone close to them is experiencing can have positive meaning. Please help us grow! We need your help!

Please participate in the services of this site that we have provided for you. If you have questions about the CCPC Organization please contact us.