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These chronic pain books are intended to help sufferers of all types of chronic pain. They provide an insight to chronic pain that only a chronic pain sufferer can appreciate.

They Help Support Our Organization

In addition to being great reading material for the chronic pain sufferer, proceeds from these books help support our non profit CCPC Organization, an organization with one goal: to help chronic pain sufferers. So, you can purchase informative reading material while supporting an organization that wants to help you.

Remember, these books are not guided, restranied, or controlled by any outside sources. They are books based on the reality of chronic pain.

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An Adventure Within

Dog Gone Days, a book about chronic pain, love, and natureAn entertaining, upbeat but sentimental autobiographical account of a chronic pain sufferer and his best friend, his dog. But as the chronicle progresses, a greater story unfolds: one that ultimately gives meaning to his life.

The author, who lived most of his life in a large city, seeks the possibility of a lifestyle in the small town he frequently visited as a youth. There in the loneliness of his self imposed exile, and plagued with the chronic pain and suffering he sustained from an accident many years prior, he takes us on adventurous journeys through his past while he faces his greatest life-threatening adversities.

Through wit, humor, and sensitiveness, the author uses the story of his dogs to represent and convey deeper emotions such as the appreciation of life and nature at a time when they are threatened in his personal life.
From animal lovers to sufferers of chronic pain, illnesses, and emotional distress, it is a story for all people–one that should not be missed! It is a story of redemption; one of true love, forgiveness, purpose and an appreciation for the things we have when we have them.

A true story of how one person conquered chronic pain and other life-threatening adversities!

258 Pages – $10.95 & S&H
ISBN 978-0-615-34872-8

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Complete Chronic Pain Condition

"The" chronic pain bookThis chronic pain book is considered by many to be the most realistic source of chronic pain information in the world today. The information contained describes symptoms and effects of chronic pain that only a true suffer can understand, and continues where most other books leave off. It dares to glance at unique aspects of chronic pain and suffering. Not only is there a wealth of chronic pain information in this particular chronic pain book, but it serves as a pain guide for self help. It also forms a foundation for how chronic pain sufferers can get effective and practical chronic pain treatment and chronic pain support.

The greater consequence of "chronic" pain is seen in the effects of it, and those issues that form the basis of additional trauma. Physical, mental, emotional, medical, social, and political matters are just some of the elements involved in treating, influencing and governing this horrendous infirmity..

If you are tired of the typical chronic pain books with dramatic titles but really go nowhere, then, this book is for you. This book is the doorway to the only means of valid treatment for most long-term chronic pain sufferers.

Get the complete picture, and learn how to effectively treat chronic pain now!

370 Pages – $10.95 & S&H
ISBN 978-0-615-15252-3

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My Journey Home

surviving suicidal pain, the bookAs you will discover, there is much to learn from another's journey. This book was part of the book, Complete Chronic Pain Condition, and is an account of my voyage through a very dark period in my life. Surviving Suicidal Pain was originally formatted into the corresponding sections of Complete Chronic Pain Condition to provide my personal account of issues I was writing about in that book.

Many readers of the original book suggested that Surviving Suicidal Pain should be published as a book because it epitomized the suffering of chronic pain. It was a story with which many sufferers could relate. Even many who purchased, Complete Chronic Pain Condition, wanted a free standing copy of Surviving Suicidal Pain. In retrospect, I wish a type of publication existed when I was a novice. It is written in laymen's terms for the sufferer, by one, and does explain an example of the complete condition of chronic pain and what that encompasses.

This book is sent for a $5.00 donation. It is in an easy reading format and gives a textbook example of a chronic pain condition.