You can live a normal life with Complete chronic pain condition"To live a normal Life"

Your first reaction to this site is probably to click on the "contact us" button and find a phone number or email address where you can air your pain situation and receive an immediate resolution. If it were that easy to solve the matter of your chronic pain, there wouldn't be the pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, health care practitioners, hospitals, etc., and the internet, TV, radio, and other media advertised solutions for your pain–all making millions of dollars on your suffering. We're part of a society that has come to want things done quickly–and we usually get it. But, that's not going to happen with your chronic pain–you're going to have to work for this one–and work hard!

Most chronic pain sufferers want chronic pain solutions for whatever type of chronic pain condition they may have. It's as simple as that. They race in that direction without any type of structured guidance. The result of such an approach usually ends with some type of negativity–many times even with disaster!

Chronic pain sufferers are desperate, and in the quest for a chronic pain solution they can become victims of chronic pain predators, or those that prosper with the existence of chronic pain. Therefore, it is extremely important for the chronic pain sufferer to be completely aware of the complete condition of chronic pain. By doing so, they can avoid unnecessary progressive stages that lead to a "complete chronic pain condition," or even learn how to avoid it entirely. More importantly is the realization that if a complete chronic pain condition is already acquired in an individual, he/she can learn to lessen it, tame it and to effectively treat it to improve the quality of their life; too often people with the condition just do nothing, or they give up.

What is the Complete Chronic Pain Condition?WHAT IS THE

"I know that most people identify chronic pain by simple definition, because after all, we are taking two basic words: chronic and pain, which add up to persistent pain. And I agreed that technically it is a correct definition for constant pain, but even this type (chronic) can eventually reach closure. If it doesn't and continues past the state defined by this bland definition, then chronic pain can become a complex tribulation having many segments. If chronic pain continues for an indefinite period of time, suffering will typically intensify and evolve into a more severe ordeal. Each case of continuance of it presents varying types and intensification of the extended pain, with unique varieties of adverse effects. Within the timeframe of that progressing mess, other "conditions" usually begin to develop. In that period even the hope for cure or relief begins to subside, and despair commences. This is generally accompanied by guilt (for not getting better or showing signs of improvement), anticipation, anxiety, fear, and the mental anguish that accompanies these things. It is at this point that those other "conditions" or afflictions begin to develop either from the original one or from just being in this described state. As this subsequent development continues, with the persistence of pain over even longer periods (there are no defined spans, they differ in individuals), any remaining possibility of recovery eventually ends. The new disorders are firmly established and compound with the original infirmity and give birth to a condition of itself. It is any accumulation of these secondary afflictions that creates this unique, complex condition that is apart from the original cause.

If such manifestation continues indefinitely, the sufferer will most likely reach a point of no return with little hope of resolve. I refer to it as a zone because the ultimate condition that develops has no exact point of origin and is not accomplished in a single step, but by time, that amount which is required to develop either one or a series of secondary disorders over a specific period. That duration differs in all cases, as the estimated time of arrival to this horrible destination is also associated to the nature of the initial trauma and the level of suffering. The time element is also affected by the physical and mental state of the individual. Most people have a hard time relinquishing hope because in this type of position, the belief of returning to a "normal" life is a strong one. Most adhere to it with steadfast determination and fight the losing battle making them lose track of when they succumbed. The unpleasant cohesion of disorders that I'm describing isn't "The Twilight Zone;" I define it as "Complete Chronic Pain Condition."

– from the book Complete Chronic Pain Condition (CCPC): An Overview © 2007 David Navarria

Complete Chronic Pain Condition can be helpedCOMPLETE CHRONIC PAIN CONDITION

Now that the chronic pain sufferer is aware that chronic pain can harvest new afflictions, and grow into a horrendous condition of these new or separate afflictions, one from which there seems no escape, they should want to address it–immediately. There are various factors that comprise each individual type of chronic pain, and there are several levels of each of those types. Though categorically different, inevitably, they all fall under the the same condition: Complete Chronic Pain Condition. And, there is help available–a better life style attainable–for each level of each type of pain experienced. Time is relative; whether it is pain from a terminal illness, mental or emotional anguish, the misery and stress of narcotic issues, the family related and relationship effects, or the suffering from the multitude of pain related afflictions, help is a reality–improvement is achievable. It's not easy, and it takes effort on the part of the sufferer, but any effort is certainly easier than dealing with the level of pain one is experiencing. That journey might seem like one of a thousand miles, but it begins with the very first step.

This is the itinerary of the CCPC Organization's online site:

The chronic pain sufferer will have to learn to evaluate, and then, to move in a positive direction. Have you ever heard the expression, "mind over matter?" The chronic pain sufferer is going to need it to help his/her suffering, along with several other things. To separate oneself from personal suffering requires that the individual goes back to the beginning. Most sufferers are too far into the forest to see the trees. They will have to read to acquire information–but it has to be the right materials to acquire the most beneficial information, not what the profiteers want them to read so they buy their products. Evaluative skill is key to prevention and treatment.

The chronic pain sufferer will have to learn to interact with other sufferers because it takes one to know one. As much as the chronic pain sufferer's family cares, they can't possibly understand something for which they have no comprehension or experience. Even health care practitioners, unless they themselves are sufferers, learned their profession from text books–and in many cases those text books were written by people with a slanted objective, or goal; this is a fact that is sad but true.

The chronic pain sufferer will have to release stress, learn how to vent from an accumulation of many different things caused by not only the condition, but social pressures, humiliation, ostracism, and all effects of the chronic pain.

The chronic pain sufferer will have to learn communicative skills as well–it's extremely important to know how to deal with people, and remember: family, friends, loved ones, and medical practitioners are just some of the people surrounding your chronic pain. It's important that the chronic pain sufferer learns how to communicate with them so that they can deal with them in a productive way.

The chronic pain sufferer will have to learn to achieve realistic goals. A sufferer that has been a victim of Complete Chronic Pain Condition for an extended amount of time must realize that the accumulation of acquired afflictions have become separate entities by their own merit. That sufferer's vision of normalcy has to be amended; any improvement has to be sought and appreciated. Start with the planets in our solar system, then, reach for the stars of the universe. If you think like a victim you will remain a victim or become one if you haven't yet succumbed to one.

A complete chronic pain condition organizationTHE CCPC ORGANIZATION: A COMPLETE

We are a non-profit organization committed to the improvement of chronic pain suffering. Our content is geared for the improvement of every chronic pain sufferer. Read our articles, contribute your opinions both on the site or the message board (forum). Learn the correct way to acquire beneficial information about improving chronic pain. Try it. It's free. All you have to do is participate.

We are an organization of chronic pain sufferers interacting and sharing ideas for a unified purpose: to provide chronic pain support, information, and chronic pain help to those afflicted with any type of chronic pain condition. That includes all physical afflictions and illnesses, emotional and mental distress, depression and anxiety, drug and medication related problems, and personal relationship interaction; these are common results from suffering from chronic pain and you do not solely experience them.

We are not affiliated with any religion, church, government group or other outside organizations, and we are not subsidized by any outside businesses. We are a non-profit organization and funded solely by donations and profits from the books advertised on our site. We do not prosper from your chronic pain misery and suffering as do many other organizations on the internet. If you look deep enough into many of the larger polished sites out there, you will trace them to a source that is either a pharmaceutical or medical related business, or one that is promoting a service that can ultimately be harmful to you–and that is a main part of the harm that is being done to chronic pain sufferers today.

Years earlier I managed a business, and I had the honor of being a cofounder of a business networking club. The purpose was to pool ideas to better serve our individual businesses. It worked. In fact, proving the old adage, "there is strength in numbers," the larger it grew the more effective it became. I used the same concept for the Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization. The goal of our non-profit chronic pain organization is to ultimately assist individuals (and their families) experiencing any type of chronic pain. There are various ways to accomplish that goal. As with all authentic chronic pain assistance organizations, the quality of chronic pain support provided is an escalating process. Initially, valuable assistance will be extended by providing information, communication, emotional support, and the encouragement of interaction. It is no longer necessary to suffer alone from chronic pain. Realistic information can help sufferers make important decisions. In many cases the thoughts and ideas of members can be pooled to provide remedies and chronic pain solutions. Benefits will increase with the growth of the organization. This chronic pain web site is only a foundation for complete interaction planned. We have a forum where members can communicate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and other ideas are planned.

In my book, Complete Chronic Pain Condition (CCPC): An Overview, I explain the vast framework that harbors and directly affects the condition. Obviously, we don't we don't have answers to all of the chronic pain issues presented in the book. Clarification of the complexity of problems is going to require participation of members. Resolution of many of these chronic pain issues will take time. But, I expect that all chronic pain sufferers will want to get involved, contribute, vent, articulate and be part of something positive. It is an opportunity for them to belong to something that can be constructive to themselves as well as their fellow sufferers. Strength in numbers can achieve change to the problematic way chronic pain issues are addressed and treated. The personal knowledge, experiences and achievements of each individual sufferer can be a beacon to other sufferers. At the same time it can provide chronic pain support, chronic pain help and valuable assistance to formulate ideas that can be put into motion to make a change. There is a dignity to human life and time is relative. It doesn't matter if someone is suffering from a chronic pain condition based on a terminal illness or another long-term chronic pain mental or physical affliction. That parameter of time that is spent harboring that chronic pain condition is as important as all other spans of that same human life and it should be afforded the same dignity.

You can sit around and wait for something to happen while those in your life offer you obligatory pity, or you can take action and do something positive such as participate with us. If there is a loved one in your life who is suffering from chronic pain but can't take that first step – do it for him or her! Get them involved by communicating on the forum for them, or, send in there story! By doing so, you will be giving them an opportunity to get chronic pain support, and ultimately chronic pain help which is the best chronic pain treatment. We ask those afflicted and those closely associated with chronic pain sufferers to join us in our common purpose of providing a chronic pain solution. All are welcome here!