CCPC Organization is a not-for-profit corporation. It was founded in 2003 to help people with chronic pain and suffering. Much of the support we furnish pertains to the support and treatments of chronic pain and associated effects. We delve into the complete world of chronic pain and suffering.

We will be offering articles, books, and literature about effective treatments along with a means of obtaining support for your individual type of pain. That includes both the physical and mental aspects of chronic pain and suffering. Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization is about the complete subject of chronic pain.

We will provide chronic pain and medical health support through books, articles, websites, directories, and more. Also, David Navarria offers facts and opinions with his blog at

Our mission is to help chronic pain sufferers in the modern medical world. We thoroughly research for the articles we write and for the opinions we form. We strongly feel these components are necessary to avoid pain and suffering and in the treatment of it. That concern exists to protect people now and in the future.

You can contact us. We are always open to receive additional help, opinions, and criticism. In addition, we are in the process of preparing to receive your articles, books, websites for consideration.

A Word from Our Founder

America, and even the world for that matter, is being destroyed before our eyes. As a senior, I have never before experienced such violence in my own country as I now see.

We have to take immediate action, or we will not survive. By that, I don’t just mean political steps, but an awareness of just how bad things are getting. Greed and lies are now becoming our only creed. There has never been a more significant time for a change.

It’s time to wake up!

As a Christian, I follow the path of Jesus Christ to decipher the content I allow on this site. That means we strive for truth, not here-say. I pray to him every day and believe and have faith in him to guide me in formulating medical and health facts and opinions we express on all of our websites. The medical world is being driven only by greed and is in the process of being a threat to the very people they are supposed to help.

And yes, the mention of God is allowed here.



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