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free chronic pain bookAs you will discover, there is much to learn from another's journey. This book is a story with which many sufferers can relate because it epitomizes the complete suffering of chronic pain. It is written in laymen's terms for the sufferer, by one, and does explain an example of the complete condition of chronic pain and what that encompasses.

This book is sent IN PDF FORMAT for a $5.00 donation. It is easy reading but gives a textbook example of a chronic pain condition.

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These chronic pain videos are intended to help sufferers of all types of chronic pain.

Many videos are presently in production and will take time to reach full production. This is an ongoing effort. Please come back to check on our progress.

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An easy explanation for the 3 theories for chronic pain. Specially interesting the latests researches done for Glial Cells, this cells participate actively in signal transmission in the nervous system.


With the present widespread focus of attention on health issues today, the basic adverse effect of all physical, mental, and emotional conditions – chronic pain – is often overlooked. Though that pain ruins lives, relationships, families, and often creates other physical and social dilemmas, it continues to flourish.

The medical profession is poised to treat acute pain, but after a period of time pases without resolve for that pain, whatever the cause, most medical practitioners desert the chronic pain patient. Those pain sufferers are "left behind" to fight the battle with pain alone. Their personalities change, depression sets in, and they are often misunderstood by those closest to them.

Pain and suffering from chronic pain cannot be helped by rhetoric – it's too big a problem, and iit requires old-fashioned, hands-on work ethics to help the pain and suffering from chronic pain. Unfortunately, many sufferers are put into a debilitating position from the pain, and are unable to fight that chronic pain and suffering alone – ironically the position where the pain puts them. Chronic pain victims need the help of their family and friends – the same people who usually don't have a clue about something they can't possibly understand.

We are a non-profit organization and we are committed to fight the pain, suffering and misery associated with chronic pain, which is at the root of social dysfunction in the world today. Many chronic pain sufferers aren't even aware that they are victims of such an entity. Their main focus of attention is on what causes their continual pain and not the actual pain itself. Their chronic pain suffering, and all the elements that accompany the pain, has made them outcasts from their family and friends. They are viewed as "losers," "grouches," or people carrying "negativity," and avoided at all costs.

Some degree of chronic, or continual pain, will be experienced by as much as 50 percent of the population of the western world, and even a higher percentage in third world countries. Yet, the chronic pain sufferer remains a lonely victim, one to be targeted as "marketable people" by pharmaceutical companies, medical practitioners, and many unscrupulous characters hiding under the guise of beneficial institutions, because of their vulnerability due to living with chronic pain – they crave help for their chronic pain and suffering, and want any type of help available!

There are various factors that comprise each individual type of chronic pain, and there are several levels of each of those types. Though categorically different, inevitably, they all fall under the the same condition:Complete Chronic Pain Condition. And, there is help available–a better life style attainable–for each level of each type of pain experienced. Time is relative; whether it is pain from a terminal illness, mental or emotional anguish, the misery and stress of narcotic issues, the family related and relationship effects, or the suffering from the multitude of pain related afflictions, help is a reality–improvement is achievable. It's not easy, and it takes effort on the part of the sufferer, but any effort is certainly easier than dealing with the level of pain one is experiencing. That journey might seem like one of a thousand miles, but it begins with the very first step.

Don't suffer from chronic pain alone! Our online chronic pain club is the right choice for chronic pain support for you or someone you know. It is free to all chronic pain sufferers and dedicated to making a permanent change in the world of chronic pain by offering real chronic pain support that can lead to pain help and pain relief.. We only ask that you participate in our chronic pain club by interacting with other pain sufferers. You will gain chronic pain help for your pain and suffering by participation in our chronic pain club. There is no better way to learn about chronic pain suffering than from other chronic pain sufferers. If you are a chronic pain sufferer, than you should make your chronic pain experiences known to other chronic pain sufferers. If every pain sufferer participated merely by alowing others to know about their chronic pain experiences we would have a world of chronic pain information available. You can get chronic pain help by giving chronic pain help.

We also invite you to read all of the chronic pain information affiliated with this chronic pain site. See our chronic pain videos (COMING SOON) and read our chronic pain Blog. You can provide us with your chronic pain experiences on our HELP page and EVEN SUBMIT YOUR OWN STORY IN A FEW WORDS–OR AN ARTICLE!. Go to our chronic pain message board to interact with other pain sufferers. This chronic pain forum is a great way to learn and get help from other people going through similar episodes of chronic pain.

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